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akses ‐ RCBD is a reinforced concrete building design software developed especially for Indian structural engineers. It is a finite element based analysis software which is developed specifically for design of reinforced concrete buildings. The software is developed by practicing structural engineers with emphasis on traditional Indian practice of site drawings. Once the design is completed, the site drawings are generated in .dxf format which can be read in various CAD softwares such as AutoCAD. In order to minimize data entry time geometric coordinates can be directly imported from architectural working drawings.

Cost effective

Convenience with low prices. It differentiates the brand. Can be customised as per your need.

Easy to Learn

Easy to learn and interactive. Displays error message if wrong entry is made.

RCC Building Design

Reinforced concrete design as per IS:456. Earthquake force analysis as per IS:1893-1

Automatic Site Drawings Generation

AutoCAD readable Site Drawings output with Key Plans and schedules of Slabs / Beams / Columns / Footings at all slab levels as per traditional Indian format.

RCC Design as per IS:456

Reinforced concrete design of One way / Two way Slabs. Singly / Doubly reinforced Beams, Long / Short Column subjected to biaxial moments and Footing subjected to Vertical load and biaxial moments as per IS:456.

Easy to Use

Extremely easy graphical user interface. Work in plan and isometric view. Mirror, Copy Floor, Generate Columns, Generate Beam Numbers and Column Numbers, View Beam loads, Beam Sections, Slab Sections in Plan View.

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akses-RCBD is a structural analysis and design software developed especially for Indian structural engineers.