Course Overview

akses RCBD offers high quality and affordable training courses on reinforced concrete building design. The basic training course covers fundamentals of finite element modeling and design of various reinforced concrete building components. Advanced training courses cover complex building modeling and seismic analysis and design as per latest IS Codes. The training courses are of 18 hours each and are dedicated to learning of all the features of akses RCBD software. Students and professionals will certainly be able to analyze and design various types of reinforced concrete buildings using akses RCBD with required level of confidence after completion of the training course.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to akses RCBD
  • Global and Local Co Ordinate Systems
  • Model Generation and Editing
  • Introduction to Loading
  • Slab Design
  • Beam Design
  • Column Design
  • Footing Design
  • Seismology
  • Site Drawings

Course Schedule

Course Start Date End Date No. of Hrs Time Day Price
akses-RCBD 2020 Edu 06.03 21.03 18 09:00 AM – 12:00PM Sat, Sun INR 3000
akses-RCBD 2020 Pro 06.03 21.03 18 01:00 PM – 04:00PM Sat, Sun INR 5000
akses-RCBD 2020 ProE 06.03 21.03 18 05:00 PM – 08:00PM Sat, Sun INR 7000

Courses conducted at

Atharva House
#2, Sushila – A
Nal Stop, Karve Road
Pune 411005

Atharva Feryez Plaza
Opp. Shankar Maharaj Math
Pune Satara Road, Dhankawadi
Pune 411043

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