Frequently Asked Questions

akses RCBD is an all in one Reinforced Concrete Building Designing Software. This software can perform Modeling, Analysis, Design, Auto Drafting & Auto Scheduling.
akses RCBD Edu – This version can handle limited number of beam/column elements (1100). Performs Finite Element Analysis and Design as per IS 456 : 2000 akses RCBD Pro - This version can handle unlimited number of beam/column elements. Performs Finite Element Analysis and Design as per IS 456 : 2000 akses RCBD ProE - This version can handle unlimited number of beam/column elements. Performs Finite Element Analysis as per IS 1893 : 2016 and Design as per IS 456 : 2000 and as per new IS 13920 : 2016
akses RCBD Edu - Rs.14900/- akses RCBD Pro - Rs.24900/- akses RCBD ProE - Rs.39900/-
Go to “Download” Tab. Fill up the required information e.g., Name, Address, etc. [Please Mention Full Address and Profession]. Click on “Download” button. You will get message “Thank you for showing interest in akses-RCBD. Click on “Download DEMO Now” button. akses-RCBD.zip file will start downloading. Use download button of the browser if necessary. Extract akses-RCBD.zip file. Open the extracted akses-RCBD folder and double click on aksesdownload.htm file. Click on the link “Click here to Download akses RCBD Demo Software Setup Package”. After clicking on above link, download the akses RCBD Demo version by clicking Download symbol on Top Right Corner of your browser. Extract the software package form downloaded “aksesInstall2018.zip” file, a folder of same name will be created. Open “aksesInstall2018” folder. You will see a file file named aksesInstall2018.exe. Run this file by double clicking on it. Fill your information. Click on “Install Demo Version”. After few seconds, you will get message "Demo software Installed successfully!". Click “Ok”. Akses RCBD Demo version’s shortcut “akses2018” will be created on the desktop. Click on “akses2018” shortcut and click on Ok and Click on Login. Open provided demo project using open project command button. Click on “Help” button located at upper right corner of the software window. Click on “Example” link located at the end of index in the left side marging. Click on Tutor project using open project command button. Contact us at akses.rcbd@gmail.com for any further assistance.
Please follow the instructions to send akses.usr file Follow steps given in above FAQ and install akses RCBD software. Go to folder C drive > Programming file (x86) > akses2018 Locate akses.usr file in this folder. Email this akses.usr file to akses.rcbd@gmail.com. We will Email you the licensed copy of akses RCBD software.
Yes. Permanent license and free future upgrades. But you will have to pay 30% of the software price per year as an Annual Maintenance Fee.
No. Seismic analysis (Response Spectrum Analysis) can only be performed in akses RCBD ProE.
IS 456- 2000, IS 1893- 2016, IS 13920-2016.
The user interface is absolutely easy. The software has a Tutor and Help command located at the upper right corner of the software window which has all the steps that enables oneself to learn the software. There are more than seventy videos on YouTube akses RCBD channel.
Yes. CAD Drawings with .dxf extension can be imported in the software. It must be the center line of the beam framing only.
Default Member Size, Grade of Concrete to be used & Default Wall Load.
No. The software doesn’t consider the self-weight of the member. It can be added in the Default Wall Load.
Software uses “Newton” & “millimeters” as a valid input unit.
You can copy floors using the Copy Floor command,.
Yes. First define all Support joints. And then click Create Columns button.
Yes. You can switch between the views by clicking on Plan / Isometric in the bottom status bar.
Yes. End restraints of members can be changed using Edit member Command.
Yes. Column orientation can be changed by assigning alpha value during new/edit member process.
Yes. All types of loads can be edited using Edit load command button.
Yes. Renumbering of beams & Columns of software is done at a single click using renumber beams/columns command buttons.
Yes. Using special Shortcut commands, you can move the floor levels as well as the model.
No. But you can use Backup Project and Restore Project command buttons whenever required.
No. The calculations based on the design formulae and check for IS Code clauses will be done by the software. Verification of results for each and every member has to be done by the user.
Several Inputs such as Zone Factor, Importance Factor, Soil Conditions, Response Reduction Factor are required for Earthquake Analysis.
Yes. But the load distribution on supporting beams will be as per two way slab.
The software considers all four edges discontinuous while designing two way slabs which is on the conservative side as compared to other support conditions.
Yes. The SFD & BMD drawings and its values are shown in the software.
Curtailment of the bottom bars of the beam can’t be done since their strength is used in shear strength calculations. Top reinforcement however can be curtailed. (extra over the support)
Yes. Long columns can be designed. It considers the long column effect.
Yes. Circular Columns can be designed.
Only Isolated Box & Trapezoidal footings can be designed.
Yes. The software auto generates site drawings.
Cross sections of columns and shear walls and typical longitudinal sections are provided by the software.
You can design the staircase slab by modeling it as a wide beam.
Water tank’s walls can be modelled as deep beams and floor slab as a two way slab.
Yes. Shear walls can be designed.
Wind load can be applied on the joints as lateral joint loads or on beams as lateral line loads (UDL).
akses RCBD will have this feature in the future updates. Currently force analysis can be done using akses RCBD and section design using steel tables.
Yes. akses RCBD generates detailed design calculation report which includes IS Code clause validation.
The feature will be available in software’s future updates.
The result values differ by a negligible margin of 0.02 %. The result values between STAAD Pro & ETABS also differ by a negligible margin. You can check the comparison posted at www.akses.in
akses RCBD is an all in one tool which enables you to Model, Analyse, Design & Draft unlike other tools which may require extra plugins. The software deals with Reinforced Concrete Buildings only and therefore makes it easiest amongst the available softwares. akses RCBD is the most affordable software as compared to other available softwares. akses RCBD is proud to be Made in India software.