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RCC Beam Design

Click on RCC Beam Design.
Click on the Beam Member you want to design.
Force and Moment Diagram panel becomes visible.

In the left hand side column are Axial force in local X-axis direction, Shear force in local Y-axis direction (this will be used in the design panel) and Shear force in local Z-axis direction respectively.
In the right hand side column are Torsional moment about local X-axis direction, Bending Moment about local Y-axis direction and Bending moment about local Z-axis direction (this will be used in the design panel) respectively.
Click Ok.
Beam Design panel becomes visible.

The application places maximum values of moment and shear force in front of Required Moment and Required Shear respectively.
Select desired values of ‘b’ and ‘D’.
Select concrete grade.
Select steel grade and diameter for lateral (shear) steel.
Select steel grade and bar arrangement for main steel for the first trial.
Click Analysis.

When the capacity of section is satisfactory click Save.
The application will add the details of this beam member in the schedule of beams which will be place at the bottom of the panel.
Click Exit when you are done.

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